Websites of teams we play:
  The Bishop's School
  La Costa Canyon
  La Jolla
  Mt. Carmel  and  Sundevil Athletics
  Rancho Bernardo

CIF San Diego Section
National Federation of State High School Associations (nfhs.org)
TPHS Athletics Page

Other Lacrosse Links:
  Lacrosse Zone
  Lacrosse Primer, "Lacrosse 101"
  LaxLinks, Lacrosse's Launch Pad

Tools for making your own Lacrosse College Recruiting Videos:
Adobe Premiere Elements, affordable and well-featured non-linear editing (edit videos on your computer).
Windows Movie Maker 2 comes free with Microsoft Windows XP, but it's not as capable as Adobe Premiere or Premiere Elements.
The videos on the 2005 website were produced using programs in the Adobe Video Collection - mainly Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and Adobe After Effects 6.5
The Music Bakery has a nice collection of royalty-free music in an easily searchable form on their website. The music in the La Jolla game highlights, "Roller Coaster", is from The Music Bakery.

Royalty Free Music from The Music Bakery
freeplaymusic.com also has a really nice assortment of music.  The music tracks in the Surf Sun & Stix Pool D games video, "Head Them Up", and Surf Sun & Stix Playoff video, "Topaz" are from freeplaymusic.com.
www.gloszfilms.com This guy makes sports college recruiting videos.  We've heard a lot of good things about his work, and there are some cool samples on his website.

Some of our older web pages of past years:
The 2005 THPS Girls' Lacrosse web page can still be viewed at: http://www.tphslax.com/2005pages,
The 2004 THPS Girls' Lacrosse web page can still be viewed at: http://www.tphslax.com/2004pages,
The 2003 TPHS Girls' Lacrosse web page is still available at: http://www.thewileys.org/tphs-lacrosse
and check out TPHS Field Hockey at: http://www.tpfieldhockey.com, fun videos there too.

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