As you can see, we need some photos: action shots, fun photos, or whatever.
Send me an email if you have some to contribute.

JV Falcons vs Bishop's Video . Medium (7.1MB) dial-up (2.2MB)
Sun Surf & Stix Playoff video, 2nd of 2 Best (32MB) Medium (10MB) dial-up (3MB)
Sun Surf & Stix Pool D games video, 1st of 2 Best (28MB) Medium (8.8MB) dial-up (2.7MB)
La Jolla game video Best (27MB) Medium (8.3MB) dial-up (2.5MB)
The videos now have three quality levels.  The videos now called "medium" were previously the best quality.  The new "best" is a whole lot better than the others and it should work OK for most of you with cable or DSL.  In some cases there could be a pause in the middle of playing it for the first time depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Joey and the Duck (1.9MB)

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