2006 Season Tryouts - Varsity and JV tryouts - Meet in the TPHS stadium. Be prompt!
Feb 18, 2006 - Saturday 12 - 3PM. Tryouts begin
Feb 21, 2006 - Tuesday 5 - 7 PM. Tryouts continue
Feb 22, 2006 - Wednesday 5 - 7 PM. Tryouts continue
Feb 23, 2006 - Thursday  5 - 7 PM. Tryouts continue

Note: All Athletes, including those athletes that have already participated in a sport(s), must gain clearance from TPHS Athletic Department prior to try outs.

In order to be eligible to participate on a sports team, you must first have the items listed below (Athletic Packet) turned in to the Athletic Director's office. All forms must be filled out completely and submitted prior to the beginning of the sports season. Failure to complete any of these forms will make you ineligible. If your packet is complete, your name will appear on the "Cleared List" which is forwarded to the coach prior to the first day of tryouts. Athletes who have already participated in a sport and have current paperwork on file must complete a new Emergency Release Form prior to trying out for an additional sport.

The Athletic Packet consists of the following forms:

  • Participation Form (2-sided) 
  • Release of Liability Form 
  • Sports Physical Form (2-sided)
  • Emergency Release Form (3-part NCR form)
  • Proof of Medical Insurance Coverage (Xerox copy of your insurance card)
  • Non-District Transportation Form 
  • Use of Private Automobile Form
Refer to the Torrey Pines High School Athletics page for additional information. 

Information about the 2005 Season:

JV Falcons vs Bishop's Video . Medium (7.1MB) dial-up (2.2MB)
Sun Surf & Stix Playoff video, 2nd of 2 Best (32MB) Medium (10MB) dial-up (3MB)
Sun Surf & Stix Pool D games video, 1st of 2 Best (28MB) Medium (8.8MB) dial-up (2.7MB)
La Jolla game video Best (27MB) Medium (8.3MB) dial-up (2.5MB)
The "best" quality should work OK for most of you with cable or DSL.  In some cases there could be a pause in the middle of playing it for the first time depending on the speed of your internet connection.
Printable game schedule (updated March 29, 2005) to update your yellow booklet. Web game schedule


DVD Update (June 14th) - It's ready! Heather brought them to school to distribute them to the team.  If she didn't find you to give you your copy you can also swing by our house to pick it up if you like.  We added a few extra segments and enhanced a few others.  It could be better, every time I watch it I find something wrong, but I decided it was time to call it done.  If anyone else would like a DVD, let us know, we'd be happy to give you a copy.

Varsity Falcons celebrated a big victory over their rivals in green and gray Wedensday, May 11th.  The previous chance at victory that slipped through their hands was not to be repeated. The Falcons and Poway Titans were neck-and-neck all through regulation play. The Falcons lead 4-3 at the half and ended in a 7-7 tie at the end of regulation play.  Still tied at the end of regular overtime, the contest went to sudden victory overtime.  The Falcons didn't recover the draw but the Titans fouled giving control back to the Falcons.  Casan drove the ball down to goal and was fouled.  Then at the whistle, Katie H. stood left of the goal and Casan went in faking a shot but instead passed to Katie who had a wide open net with the goalie out to block Casan's shot.  It was beautiful!!!   An exuberant celebration followed the winning goal!  The final score was Falcons 8, Poway 7.  The goals were by Rachel (3), Katie H. (1), Erin (1), Eri (1), Claire (1) and Griz got another one!  The JV Falcons came close to victory but finished 7-9.

Varsity and JV Falcons both celebrated repeat wins Monday, May 9, against the Mount Carmel Sun Devils. Playing in Sun Devil Stadium, Varsity finished 12-4, running up the score to 8-0 quickly early in the first half.  Goals were by: Casan(2), Eri (2), Rachel (2), Allie (1), Ashley (1), Chelsea (1), and Claire (1), Kali (1) and Gris (1 - GOT HER FIRST GOAL !!!!! YEAH!!!).  The JV Falcons won 9-8 on the Black Mountain Middle School field nearby.

Varsity and JV Falcons both had solid victories over the Westview Wolverines this evening, Wednesday, May 4, in Falcon Stadium. Varsity finished 13-1, and we heard that JV also won by a wide margin.  We'll post more details soon.

Varsity Falcons corralled the RB Broncos top scorers Monday evening, May 2, and lead 4-3 at the half. The Falcons scored 5 goals in the second half finishing with a solid 9-4 win.  Goals were by: Rachel L. (4), Eri (3), Ashley, and Heather.  The JV Falcons had a good lead but it slipped away just before the end of the second half with a 9-10 final.

JV Falcons scored a 7-4 victory against the LCC Mavericks Wednesday, April 27, in Falcon Stadium.  Varsity scored first and played a great game, but the Mavericks pulled ahead and kept their lead winning 4-1.

Varsity and JV Falcons both celebrated repeat wins over the Fallbrook Warriors Monday, April 25, at the Warriors' home field.  Varsity held a 4-3 advantage at the half but held the Warriors to only one goal in the second half with a 9-4 final score.  Goals were by Rach (3), "Kaatie" (2), Eri (2), Erin, and Kali. The JV Falcons kept the JV Warriors scoreless in the first half and finished with something like an 11 or 12 to 3 victory.

Varsity and JV Falcons enjoyed victory with plenty of margin in their games Saturday, April 23, versus the Bishop's School Knights.  Varsity finished 11-6 with goals by Rach (5!), Casan (2), Sofia, Eri, Kali, and Erin.  The JV Falcons won 10-1 over the Knights, and we have a few video highlights of this game.

JV Falcons grabbed grabbed a victory from the hands of the confident LCC JV Mavericks Thursday, April 21 with a 5-2 win.  Before the JV game the Varsity Falcons came away with a single goal to the Mavericks twelve.

Varsity and JV Falcons celebrated repeat wins over the Carlsbad Lancers this evening (April 20th).  Varsity won 11-2, and JV came away with an 11-0 shut out.  The dual victory was a nice present for our two birthday moms! 

JV Falcons tied the Rancho Bernardo Broncos 5-5 on their own turf Thursday afternoon, April 14th.  The JV Falcons were close to victory but the Broncos caught up near the end of the second half to tie.  The Varsity Falcons missed a repeat win of the Surf Sun & Stix Championship game and lost tonight's contest 6-8.

Varsity Falcons scorched the Mt. Carmel Sun Devils 12-4 tonight, April 13th, in Falcon Stadium. Goals were by Katie H (4), Eri (3), Ray (2), Erin (1), Claire (1), and Chelsea (1).  The JV Falcons tied the JV Sun Devils 6-6. 

Varsity and JV Falcons pulled another victory out of the hat Monday evening, April 11th, in Wolverine Stadium.  The JV Falcons soundly rolled over the JV Westview Wolverines 12-3.  Varsity won 10-9 in overtime with goals by Kaaaatie (3, did we spell that right?  ), Erin (2), Wiley (2), and Casan (2). 

Varsity and JV Falcons were both victorious in Falcon Stadium Wednesday evening, March 23rd, in their games versus the Fallbrook Warriors.  Varsity finished 9-6 coming back well after a bit of an uncertain start. JV rolled ahead powerfully with a 14-3 victory, coincidentally the same score as their Monday game!! 

Varsity and JV Falcons rocked Falcon Stadium with solid wins Monday evening, March 21st.  Varsity finished 14-7 over the Carlsbad Lancers, and Torrey JV 14-3 over the JV Lancers!!! 

March 19 -- The Varsity Falcons are the champions of the 2005 Surf Sun & Stix Invitational Tournament, defeating:
 San Dieguito Academy (9-6) 
  goals: Wiley (3), Van Langen (2), Ichikawa (1), Lary (1), Morgan (1), O'Leary (1)
 Santa Catalina (6-4) 
  goals: Wiley (2), Holland (1), Ichikawa (1), Lary (1), O'Leary (1)
 Francis Parker (Forfeit)
 USDHS (9-5) in the Quarterfinals
  goals: Ichikawa (4), Wiley (2), Holland (1), Morgan (1), Van Langen (1)
 Bishop's (8-3) in the Semifinals 
  goals: O'Leary (2), Holland (1), Ichikawa (1), Lary (1), Morgan (1), Van Langen (1), Wiley (1)
 Rancho Bernardo (5-4) in the Championship game! 
  goals: O'Leary (2), Holland (1), Van Langen (1), Wiley (1)
Click for Pool D results
Click for Playoff results
Sun Surf & Stix Playoff video, 2nd of 2, for cable/DSL (best 32MB), medium (10MB) and dial-up (3MB)
Sun Surf & Stix Pool D games video, 1st of 2, for cable/DSL (best 28MB), med. (8.8MB) and dial-up (2.7MB)

Surf Sun & Stix Tournament Awards by Coach Amanda:
  Unsung Hero - Rach
  MVP - Wiley
  Biggest Spark - Claire
  Glue - Belz

Mar 11 - Congratulations Varsity and JV Falcons for their wins the in the season opener versus La Jolla Friday night in Falcon Stadium.  The Varsity Falcons lead nearly the entire game and finished 11-9 over the Vikings.  Wow, This is fantastic!!!  We beat last year's CIF champs, so we have to have video highlights!
 La Jolla game video, for cable/DSL (best 27MB), medium (8.3MB), and dial-up (2.5MB)

JV Played at the Surf, Sun and Stix Invitational 2005 on Saturday, Mar 11.  They have some photos of the Torrey Pines games posted on the Sideline Photos website

Complete game schedule (updated March 29, 2005) with maps and field directions. Printable Schedule.

LacrosseZone.  You can see some cool stuff related to Lacrosse and information about other teams in our league at http://www.lacrossezone.com/home

The 2004 THPS Girls' Lacrosse web page can still be viewed at: http://www.tphslax.com/2004pages,
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